…when AmeriSciences® first introduced the concept of pharmaceutical-quality nutrition to medical practices. A short 5 years later, NASA and the Johnson Space Center awarded AmeriSciences® a Space Act Agreement to research and co- develop nutritional formulations for use in the space program.

Today, the company is stronger than ever. Our commitment to the advancement of nutrition and health sciences is reflected in part by our latest journal and magazine publications, including a featured article in NASA Spinoff.

Now under new ownership and management, we are pleased to announce AmeriSciences®' portfolio of effective, doctor-recommended, premium products is again available through your local clinician, or online through our virtual store. 
Our Core Principles For More Than A Decade

World-Class scientific relationships leading to pioneering nutritional discoveries. Examples include our protocol development for the International Space Station, NASA co-developed technology and The University of Pittsburgh radiation countermeasure study.

Unmatched bioavailability and efficacy, offering the highest standards of tablet dissolution in the world, manufactured to meet or exceed pharmaceutical standards.

Products that clinical professionals can trust, regularly prescribe and dispense with confidence – physicians across the country have been regularly prescribing AmeriSciences® products for more than a decade.

Peer-review of all research and clinical initiatives by our esteemed Scientific Advisory Board – supporting our unparalleled scientific rigor.
A Bright New Future Of Vitality, Science, Purpose and Passion

AmeriSciences® is now headed by President & CEO Mr. Carlos Montesinos, and a talented new executive team that exemplifies the honest, evidence-based nature of our brand.

The Company has renewed its commitment to empowering and educating the healthcare community. In the U.S. and Canada, AmeriSciences® premium products are now available exclusively via licensed dispensaries and healthcare providers, or by visiting our online store.

Our web presence is undergoing a total metamorphosis. During the transition, the Health-Check MD (HCMD) brand is visible at various locations on the site. HCMD is a long time fulfillment partner, and this joint portal is the only authorized online source for authentic, quality-assured AmeriSciences® products until the launch of our redesigned site.

More than ever before, we are focused on bringing NASA Space Act Technologies and other science-based nutritional products, to benefit global health in worldwide markets.

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"It is my distinct pleasure to take over the helm of the new AmeriSciences®.

With our reorganizational process now completed, our loyal and new customers can continue to look forward to greater things ahead. Because with our proven lineup of scientific quality nutraceutical products… not even the sky is the limit!

We'll be back in touch with you soon. In the meantime...

Eat well. Have fun. Stay nourished. And most of all… cheers to your health!"

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