I didn't start competing in powerlifting until I was 58 and 2 years later I'm a National Champion.


It's never too late to pursue your dreams.

We research the human body at its extremes, in the toughest of environments, and we apply those insights to improve your life, your athletic performance, and your health.
That’s the difference between making supplements, and making a difference.

It's not rocket science...

Except, it is.

When we partnered with NASA under a Space Act Agreement to jointly develop a nutritional support supplement for astronauts, we knew that safety had to be a top priority. We knew all the ingredients had to be effective and pure. The finished product had to perform under rigorous standards and the manufacturing had to be impeccable.

Using this criteria, we created a protocol for producing supplements. We established tests for raw ingredients, guidelines for manufacturing and quality control standards for every batch of supplements.

We call this system Pharma-IQ™ and we use it to produce safe, high-quality supplements.