Where are your supplements made?

All products are proudly manufactured at our FDA-registered laboratories in the United States, using the finest ingredients both native to America and from around the world.

What is your shipping policy?

We offer two shipping options for your order: Standard (3-7 days) and Express (2-3 days). Most orders are shipped via USPS. Customers receive a tracking email once their order has been shipped.


International customers: Customs and health authorities sometimes limit the types of supplements, or the quantities that can be imported without a license. Please contact our office via telephone +1 281 616 6865, or email ( to place an order.

Where do your products ship from?

We have a warehouse in Houston, Texas and another in Milton, Ontario.


Shipments bound for addresses within the contiguous US, Hawaii and Alaska ship from Houston, Texas.

Shipments bound for addresses in Canada will ship from Milton, Ontario.

How do I change or cancel my Auto-Refill?

To Cancel your Auto-Refill: send an email to orders@nugevity or speak with a Customer Service representative by calling 800-820-1710. 


To Change your Auto-Refill: in order to provide the best service, please contact our office at 800-820-1710. Alternately, you can send an email to describing the changes you'd like to make. We'll reply to your message within 1 business day.

Do you have an affiliate program?

Yes! Our affiliate program has one of the highest payouts in the industry and is open to anyone with a U.S. address.


Visit our Affiliate Program page for details.

What is BioRelease™?

BioRelease® is a system to ensure total dissolution of a pill. Supplements deliver essential nutrients only once they're dissolved, so it's important for pills to break apart during specific times in the digestive process.


Visit our BioRelease™ page for a detailed explanation of dissolution and BioRelease™ technology.

What is Pharma-IQ™?

Pharma-IQ™ is our protocol for manufacturing. It's a rigorous set of standards and tests that we use to manufacture our supplements and it helps us guarantee a product that's safe and effective.


Visit our Pharma-IQ™ page to learn about safe supplement manufacturing.

What are nootropics?

Nootropics are loosely defined as “smart drugs": natural or synthetic compounds that improve brain function. Nootropics can be found in supplements, prescription drugs and some foods.


Nootropics provide a variety of cognitive benefits, from aiding in motivation, attention, and working memory to improving focus and enhancing normal mental functioning.* Recent studies have increased interest in nootropics and their potential benefits related to:


- improved concentration and working memory*


- increased stamina, alertness and mental clarity*


- enhanced circulation and mental energy*


- reduced stress and improved relaxation without drowsiness*


- support for normal cognitive and physical performance*

How much caffeine is in Energy EFP with Cognizin®?

Energy EFP with Cognizin® contains a very small amount of naturally-occurring caffeine. Each tablet yields approximately 10 mg. 


For comparison, a cup of brewed coffee can range anywhere between 100 and 300 mg, with most beverages falling somewhere in the higher end of that range.  A cup of brewed green tea often contains about 30-40 mg.

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