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Osteo BHR

Bone   Heart   Recovery

Complete bone formula that supports cardiovascular health and assists during recovery*

  • Osteo BHR is not a treatment or cure for bone fractures, but can support your nutritional needs during recovery from injury*

  • Helps maintain and improve bone mineral density* 

  • More effective than calcium alone*

  • May improve coronary and heart health*

  • Works with your body to help keep arteries and coronaries clear and flexible

60 Tablets / 1 Bottle
MSRP $59.00
180 Tablets / 3 Bottle Smart Pack
MSRP $177.00
$135.00 (SAVE $42.00)

Ingredient Highlights

Ipriflavone has been shown to inhibit bone loss. It may also stimulate bone cell growth and repair.*

Boron and magnesium are two often forgotten nutrients that play a key role in bone mineral density, strength, and flexibility.*

Vitamin K2 is essential for calcium metabolism and cardiovascular health. It activates proteins needed for tissue
formation, and inhibits the calcification of arteries, coronaries and other soft tissues.*

Vitamin D3 facilitates the absorption and utilization of calcium, among other health benefits.*

Taking calcium supplements alone can increase the risk of heart disease and atherosclerosis. Osteo BHR takes a holistic approach by incorporating a complete suite of building blocks and nutrients that impact skeletal health.*

Directions for Use

Suitable for men and women. Take two (2) tablets with food, or as recommended by a physician. Menopausal women and individuals recovering from trauma may benefit from taking two servings per
day. Store in a dry place at controlled room temperature.

Save with Auto-Refill

Convenient, automatic shipments. Additional discounts.

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BioRelease   Technology

Osteo BHR contains key nutrients shown to enhance resiliency and prevent the signs of premature aging. * It is formulated with BioRelease™ technology to maximize dissolution and promote bioavailability.

BioRelease™ ensures the highest amount of ingredients are delivered in the body by providing maximum dissolution and bioavailability.
Gluten Free
Banned Substance Free
Food Based Ingredients
BPA Free Bottle
Made in USA

Pharma-IQ   Manufacturing

Osteo BHR contains all the essential vitamins and minerals you body needs, along with added nutrients that have been shown to play role in maximizing performance and preventing the signs of premature aging.*

Every batch of Osteo BHR is tested to ensure potency and purity. It's part of our Pharma-IQ™ manufacturing program that goes beyond Good Manufacturing Practices to yield the highest quality premium vitamins and supplements.


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