Small Fish for Big Results

Updated: Aug 8, 2018

Bigger is always better, right? Not so with fish! When it comes to making a superior Omega-3 Fish Oil supplement, smaller is better.​​

Many supplement brands extract their fish oil from large, deep water fish such as tuna and cod. Sitting near the top of the food chain, these large predators subsist by eating other fish and marine animals.

Wild caught tuna fish at market

Because of their long lifespan and diet, they accumulate pollutants found in the sea and contaminants found in the livers of other animals, such as dioxin or mercury. Fish have no way of getting rid of these chemicals, so they stay in their bodies forever.

Small fish such as anchovies and sardines feed off microscopic, renewable, uncontaminated food sources like krill and plankton. This makes them much safer for use in Omega-3 oil production.

A school of anchovies

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