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Your Wallet Is a Pain in The Back!

When it comes to wallet size, most people think bigger is better. Unfortunately, bigger isn't better for your back.

overstuffed wallet

A 2014 study revealed that sitting on a wallet for even 15 minutes at a time can negatively impact posture and health.

Sitting with a bulky, thick wallet in your back pocket:

  • causes the sciatic nerve (located right behind your hip joint) to get pinched between your billfold and your hip. This causes pain that starts at your hip but can radiate all the way down your leg.

  • tilts your pelvis to one side, putting stress on your spine and the lumbar discs near the sciatic nerve roots. Instead of sitting in a neutral, upright position, you actually round your lower back, causing pain and aches.

  • can place pressure on your piriformis muscle and cause it to rub up against your sciatic nerve. The piriformis muscle assists in rotating the hip and turning the leg and foot outward. When compressed, the piriformis muscle can spasm, causing pain deep in the buttock, behind the gluteus maximus.

Moving your wallet to a front pocket won't help much, since it can create an uncomfortable pinch between your thigh and torso, especially when you’re in a car.

Your best bet is to remove your wallet from your back pocket before taking a seat. This also holds true for cell phones or any other bulky item stuffed in your back pocket. Keep your back pockets free and clear for optimal spine health and posture.


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