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Warrior Angels Health Pack

Revitalize and optimize your well-being from within*

  • Comprehensive collection of premium nutritional supplements for overall well-being and vitality*

  • Supports immune system, reduces occasional stiffness, promotes healthy sleep, boosts energy and mental clarity*

  • Formulated with high-quality ingredients to address specific health needs and enhance performance*

5 Bottles
$XXX.XX (Save $XX.XX)

AS 10  Life


AS 10 Life bottle

AS 10  Life provides all essential vitamins and minerals in optimal amounts to support your immunity and general health. Specifically formulated to address the signs of premature aging, AS 10  Life supports your health at the cellular level and helps improve endurance.*

AS 10  Life offers a unique blend of chelated minerals, Resveratrol, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Bioflavonoids, Lutein, and Zeaxanthin. These ingredients work together to support immune health, maintain cardiovascular well-being, and promote macular health.*




AS 10 Life ingredients

Omega Max

Omega Max bottle.jpg

Omega Max is a powerhouse supplement that supports your immune system and promotes a healthy anti-inflammatory response. Studies suggest that the omega-3 acids found in Omega Max may reduce occasional pain, morning stiffness, and joint tenderness. Additionally, Omega Max promotes heart health and supports your vision health.*


Omega Max also aids in the repair of connective tissues and the rebuilding of healthy joints.* Omega Max offers superior quality and exceptional bioavailability in the Triglyceride form, ensuring optimal effectiveness for your health needs.*

Omega Max ingredients.jpg

Energy EFP with Cognizin


Energy EFP with Cognizin Supplement.jpg

Boost your energy, stamina, and mental clarity. Energy EFP with Cognizin  increases alertness, improves concentration, and enhances your overall cognitive function. Energy EFP with Cognizin  supports balanced energy levels and physical performance by increasing muscular endurance, alertness, stamina, and recovery time.*


Energy EFP with Cognizin  benefits brain structure and signaling by supporting neurotransmitter production and aids in stress reduction and mood enhancement.*




Energy EFP ingredients.jpg


Sleep Melatonin Supplement.jpg

Experience restful nights and wake up refreshed with Sleep dietary supplement. This formula helps reduce occasional sleeplessness and restlessness, providing essential nutrients for tissue repair. It incorporates antioxidants, vitamins, and soothing botanicals to help you relax and recover overnight.*


Key ingredients such as Valerian Root help you fall asleep faster, while Melatonin regulates your sleep/wake cycle. Chelated Magnesium plays a vital role in improving your sleep quality and supporting muscle and bone tissue recovery.*

Sleep ingredients.jpg

NAD+ Healthy Aging Formula

NAD+ Healthy Aging Formula

NAD+ Healthy Aging Formula promotes a healthy cardiovascular system, ensuring the strength and resilience of your heart. Additionally, it supports the integrity of your musculoskeletal system, helping to maintain healthy bones and muscles. The formula also prioritizes the well-being of your nervous system, enhancing clarity, focus, and cognitive function.*

NAD+ Healthy Aging Formula also aids in strengthening your immune system by promoting the production of key molecules involved in immune defense, such as cytokines and antibodies. Along with potential benefits such as improved markers of immunity, enhanced protein and bone tissue synthesis, and maintenance of cardiovascular health, this formula is dedicated to supporting your overall well-being as you embrace healthier aging.*

NAD+ Healthy Aging Formula ingredients

Each Warrior Angels Health Pack Includes

  • 1 Bottle, AS 10   Life 
  • 1 Bottle, Omega Max
  • 1 Bottle, Energy EFP with Cognizin
  • 1 Bottle, NAD+ Healthy Aging Formula
  • 1 Bottle, Sleep

Save with Auto-Refill

Convenient, automatic shipments. Additional discounts.


BioRelease   Technology

Warrior Angels Health Pack is a comprehensive collection of premium nutritional supplements designed to support peak performance and healthy aging.* All products are formulated with BioRelease™ technology to maximize dissolution and promote bioavailability.

BioRelease™ ensures the highest amount of ingredients are delivered in the body by providing maximum dissolution and bioavailability.

Pharma-IQ   Manufacturing

Every bottle included in each Warrior Angels Health Pack is tested to ensure potency and purity. It's part of our Pharma-IQ™ manufacturing program that goes beyond Good Manufacturing Practices to yield the highest quality premium vitamins and supplements.


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